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Ana’s mission is to help you build happiness, health and confidence by balancing your mental wellness with the unique cycles of your body.

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Build a positive 
Build a positive 

Ana's daily affirmation practices and mood boosting exercises help you build a positive mindset.

Get powerful insights
Get powerful insights

Ana AI's prediction and symptom-checking capabilities help you understand your cycles and symptoms and how they affect your mindset.

Ana is with you
Ana is with you

Wherever you are in life’s journey, whether you do or do not have periods, Ana is there with you.


Understand your body

Women are able to use Ana to log physical elements such as their cycles and symptoms. 
Ana AI analyzes logs to deliver helpful predictions and daily insights. Ana AI also offers a sophisticated symptom checker for gynecologic complaints that is capable of giving users possible diagnoses, suggesting next steps for medical testing, and assessing urgency of seeking care.

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Co-Founded by Roxy Earle

Ana is co-founded by Roxy Earle and a team of leading medical experts and technologists. Roxy is the entrepreneur and confidence guru behind the #MySizeRox movement and Roxy Confidence Theory. With Ana, Roxy continues her movement to raise women up: body, mind, and spirit.

Arnold Mahesan MD, is a leading fertility doctor and medical expert in gynecology.

Combining medical insight with Roxy's work in confidence theory, Ana is poised to revolutionize how women approach their health.

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The Ana Ambassador Program

As part of the program Roxy will be working with ambassadors to teach them how she has used confidence practices to lead the life of her dreams and how Ana can be an everyday tool to help others reach that goal. She will be hosting private teleconferences with this community. This community will steer Ana to be as useful and effective as possible for the wider world of Ana users. Roxy says, ``Together we can grow and help each other reach our goals. I will teach you as you teach others. Ambassadors will become leaders as Ana grows, empowered to pass on their learnings from Roxy Confidence Theory and share their successes and growth with their own communities.

To become part of the Ana Ambassador Program, Email us